Our Services - Meet the CHOICE Staff

CHOICE provides personalized referrals for senior housing, senior care, and in-home care services by matching your specific needs with the most suitable resources in your area. From the options that CHOICE defines for you, you can either have a CHOICE Housing & Care Advisor accompany you on your visits to these providers or you can contact them on your own. If it's in-home services you are needing, CHOICE can be there for the first meeting with the provider, too.

Working with CHOICE, you'll have the confidence that you have all the right information to make educated decisions. Whether you're choosing to remain in your own home with in-home services, move to a senior community or need financial advice, CHOICE is there to help.

How We Work

CHOICE exists because the options available to seniors in our community are vast and ever changing. By working with an Advisor, you will receive a tailored list of options that appropriately match your needs and interests.

Our funding comes from the senior housing and care industries. A referral fee is paid to CHOICE when we successfully help you arrange for services.

We are an unbiased, helpful support for seniors and their families. Our contractual agreements within the various senior housing and care types are identical. This ensures that our referrals are based on appropriateness and not on the fee received by the agency.

We're there every step of the way.

Step 1: We receive your request for help by phone or via email.

Step 2: We follow-up on your request to assess your needs, whether in person or by phone, by asking a series of questions. We gather information about your specific and unique situation, the level of support or services you require, financial resources and your preference of location.

Step 3: We'll define the most appropriate options for your particular situation. We can provide you with a written list of options that you can follow up on, or we can contact the communities on your behalf. With your permission, we can even discuss your needs with potential providers, and contact the providers on your behalf.

Step 4: When you decide which services and support you need, we can go with you to visit providers or be there when the provider visits you in your home. We will always be available by phone or in person to answer your questions.

Step 5: We follow up with you every step of the way.

It's time to call a CHOICE Advisor:

  • When home is no longer practical or safe
  • When health suffers from poor nutrition or missed medications
  • When social isolation leads to boredom and depression
  • When family and friends are voicing concerns
  • Before crisis forces change, particularly falls

Who We Serve

  • Adult children of elderly parents who are no longer safe at home
  • Spouses who can no longer meet the high demands of caregiving at home
  • Powers of attorney working on behalf of an elderly family member or friend
  • Seniors living alone and in need of companionship and care
  • Retirees looking for an easy-to-manage lifestyle
*Housing and/or care services must be paid through private funds or long-term care insurance benefits

What People Are Saying About CHOICE

"I'm not sure how people would be able to consider all of the options without the help of CHOICE. I'm thankful that you listened so carefully to our needs to be sure we got information that was relevant and specific to our needs." -- Christine and Bob

"The idea of moving from our home of forty years was daunting until I talked to CHOICE. I may not have moved quickly, but I moved in a way that was comfortable for me, and I knew I was supported through this difficult and very big move. Without my husband here to help me make decisions, it gave me peace of mind to know someone was looking after my best interests. Thank you, CHOICE, for being like family to me." -- Char

"When I finally made the decision to no longer live alone, I had no idea what to do next. CHOICE came to my rescue! I was not only given several excellent options, but I was also given the information I needed to make a wise decision for myself. I'm particularly grateful that you helped me with the sale of my home, and even made sure my move went smoothly! And thank you as well, for taking me to look at my options. I am thankful that you let me make the choice on my own, but I'm equally grateful that you were there to listen to me." -- Betty

"CHOICE not only saved us time, you also helped us focus our search to communities that would really work for my mom. This helped us make a decision quicker and made the entire process much less stressful for us." -- Wade

"I tried making calls on my own, but the more information I gathered, the more confused I got about the entire process. I happened to be with my mother, visiting her doctor and I found a CHOICE Guide in the waiting room. When I asked my doctor if he knew about your agency, he told me about the good experiences he's had in recommending people to CHOICE. When he told us about CHOICE, I thought, "It's too good to be true!" Your services are invaluable." -- Renee

"I was so fortunate to have your company recommended to me. Within a couple hours of calling the "800" number, I heard from you. You are knowledgeable, caring and compassionate and immediately both my Dad and I were comfortable with you. What a relief to have all your information and services available to us. I am very grateful for all you have done and have good feelings about my Dad's new home." -- Sharon