Activities at Assisted Living Communities in Seattle, Bellevue and Lynnwood

Activities at Assisted Living Communities

A large part of maintaining quality of life for seniors can be social interaction with others. Assisted living communities provide a variety of ways for that interaction to begin and flourish. Several activities are offered to so that your loved one will have things to do that fits their interests. There are many kinds of group gaming offered, such as board games and bingo, puzzles and cards. Most communities will have regularly scheduled social parties. There is usually some type of regularly scheduled group physical exercise activity. Often, activity coordinators schedule group outings to shopping areas, entertainment and movie houses, even sporting events. There are in-house movie nights. Good activity coordinators will also have a variety of entertainers, from musicians to magicians, come to the community to perform for their residents. Assisted living communities will offer a wide range of activities to suit individual needs and interests. Activity director are also often quite open to suggestions for new activities and ideas.

Even though these communities offer a wide range of group activities, your loved one can still maintain their independence and decide which activities they feel like participating in. For example, if your parent usually enjoys morning community social activities, they may decide not to attend events scheduled in the evenings. It all depends on the interest level and preferences of the loved one.

Assisted living communities encourage participation in social events and outings. Isolation in rooms can at times lead to loneliness and depression. These feelings can be often alleviated by social interaction and engagement with other residents.

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