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When is the right time to seek assisted living?

How do we know when the time has come for Mom or Dad to leave their home and seek assisted living? Maybe they’ve had an incident in the house; a fall on the stairs, a medication mishap, a plumbing disaster. If we are fortunate, the idea to move usually begins with one small event. The less fortunate usually experience crisis and often that crisis is related to health.
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What Is Retirement Living?

Retirement living is the broad term used to describe many types of housing options for people age fifty-five or older.
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What is a Care Plan?

The purpose of the care plan is to communicate specific care needs and to define how those needs are to be served or met by caregiving or nursing staff.
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What Do I Do When My Loved One Dies?

Definitely get some help when dealing with the settling of an estate. And above all, save your own family some heartache and pull these documents together for yourself.
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The Transition Period

For some seniors, this move can mark the end of caring for a spouse or dependence on adult children, which can represent a new found freedom. Many older adults who feel they will lose their independence, in fact, find they gain a great deal more. They settle in and live out their lives in comfort, without the worry of maintaining a home.
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1st CHOICE has offices in Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver and Portland. Contact us seven (7) days a week by phone or email between 8:30am and 8:30pm.


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!st CHOICE To The Rescue!
"When I finally made the decision to no longer live alone, I had no idea what to do next. 1st CHOICE came to my rescue! I was not only given several excellent options, but I was also given the information I needed to make a wise decision for myself. I'm particularly grateful that you helped me with the sale of my home, and even made sure my move went smoothly! And thank you as well, for taking me to look at my options. I am thankful that you let me make the choice on my own, but I'm equally grateful that you were there to listen to me." - Betty