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To Drive or Not to Drive

Restrictions based on age alone seem unfair, since the accident rate is highest for drivers 25 and under. The ability of the driver should be the determining factor with special screenings as drivers grow older. That sounds reasonable, but the difficult part is getting folks who have driven all their lives to give up that freedom.
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Short-Term and Long-Term Planning

We all want to think we will live out our lives in good health living exactly where we want to and in the company of those we love. Make a plan now for the later days of your life. You may not need to implement all of your plans, but by planning, you won’t be taken by surprise.
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The Real Benefits of Assisted Living

When we begin to consider the idea of moving a family member to an assisted living community, the benefits of living there are not always crystal clear. Though we know they will be safer and have more friends around, activities to keep them busy and perhaps someone to take them to the doctor, every resident will benefit a little differently. The real benefits will become apparent to the resident and their family only after they have actually lived in a community for several months
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Reframing the Concept of the Word “Home”

By selling your home or downsizing to a more simplified living space, you can convert the investment in your home into other investments, or you can use some of the money to make lifestyle changes such as living in a community where services are available.
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Passing on the Legacy

When we learn life lessons, we have a desire to pass that valuable knowledge on to future generations. And when that knowledge improves the quality of life for other people, sharing that information with others becomes of even greater importance.
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Narrowing Your Search with the Help of a Referral Agent

Referral Agents don’t make the decisions for you, rather they give you the knowledge and support to make an informed decision.
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Misconceptions of Assisted Living

Many people are reluctant to move because they have a pre-conceived notion of what life will be like after the move. It is also common for people to have unfounded fears about making a move from their current home to a senior care community.
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Senior Man Thinking

Making decisions regarding your possessions

Leaving home; the very phrase conjures up countless images of travel, adventure and independence…if you’re nineteen. But if you are an older adult leaving your family home of fifty years, it has a whole new meaning.
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Lower income housing options

If you are a “lower” income senior, you may qualify for special discounts at local retirement and assisted living communities.
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Levels of Care in Assisted Living

Each senior living community chooses the services it is willing to offer to its residents. Assisted living communities must obtain licensure from the state or county where the community is located for the services it offers. Codes and regulations as well as state laws dictate the maximum levels of care a provider may offer.
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Is assisted living for introverts?

We know how important the right match can be. There will need to be a great adjustment no matter how good the fit. But many people will reject assisted living as an option if they are dealing with a parent who is not sociable or has become withdrawn.
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Knowing if assisted living is a good option for you

Assisted living communities offer supportive services in an independent-style living arrangement. Residents have their own apartments, affording the level of privacy to which most of us are accustomed. Even individuals who aren’t that outgoing and social can benefit from living within an assisted living community.
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An Instruction Manual for Our Parents

Don’t you wish your parents came with an instruction manual? When you were young, your parents likely uttered a very similar phrase in regards to you; wondering how to keep you happy and safe, comfort you when things went wrong and care for you when you were sick.
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How to Choose an Adult Care Home

Visiting adult family homes is a great way to get to know what you can expect for the elder needing care. Not only will you want to pay attention to the building and the surroundings, you’ll also want to make the effort to acquaint yourself with the owner and their staff.
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How Frequently Should I Visit?

When a family member or friend first moves into an assisted living or care community, people tend to want to visit frequently. Anxiety, fear and guilt may cause family members to be overly diligent during the first one to three months after a loved one makes this big move.
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Getting the Help You Need

Getting the help you need

Many people find it difficult to ask someone outside their immediate family to assist in providing the necessary care. By transferring some of the care responsibilities to professional caregivers, the family finds that this is exactly what they need in order to be of continued emotional support to their loved one.
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Getting Help to Define Your Options

When families are faced with the idea of moving a parent from their long-time residence to an assisted living community they are often overwhelmed. There isn’t always the luxury of considering all of the options. All too often this decision will have to be made in crisis mode.
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Falls are caused by many things

A person’s energy level, physical frailty, sight, hearing, reactions to medications, illness and disease all affect a person’s ability to be stable on their feet.
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Explanation of Housing Types

There are many different types of senior housing and care options available. The sheer variety and the terminology can be confusing. In this document we try to explain the major types of housing and care that are out there.
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Downsizing and Rightsizing

The choice to move into a senior living community is as individual as the person making the decision. There is no clear-cut, step-by-step template that tells people exactly when it is time to consider a senior living community, whether that be an independent living community, assisted living community or nursing home.
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