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Dementia Specific Care Options

By making the move to a care community earlier in the process rather than later, the elder has a greater likelihood of returning to a level of comfortable routine within the new environment. And, as the memory loss increases, there are new friends, staff and support systems in place to help assist with changing needs.
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Convincing a Parent It’s Time to Move

You’ve seen it coming on for years; Mom can’t keep up the yard, but doesn’t want to pay a lawn service. She worries every time she pulls the car out to go to church or the grocery store. She’s just not sure of herself. Here’s the woman who could single-handedly put on a Thanksgiving feast for 20 and have it all come to the table at the same time but now she isn’t eating well because cooking for one is just too much of a hassle.
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The Benefits of Pet Ownership

Having a pet can have a positive impact on our lives. Especially if you are an older adult with limited mobility and limited opportunities for social interaction, a pet can be a welcome companion. If you are considering assisted living for a family member (with or without a pet) you should consider the benefits of pet friendly communities.
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You’re Being Discharged from the Hospital… Now What?

Your discharge from the hospital can be a whirlwind of difficult decisions and confusion about housing, rehabilitation and care.
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About VA Benefits

Any war-time veteran discharged (under conditions other than dishonorable) and having completed 90 days of active duty is eligible to apply for the Veterans Improved Pension and additional allowance for either Aid & Attendance or Housebound benefit.
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What’s After Assisted Living?

Many times, the older adult who moves to assisted living community will live out their lives in that community, but for some residents their future needs may exceed the services the senior community offers. So what's the next step?
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About In-Home Care Providers

About In-Home Care Providers

Families can benefit greatly by selecting an appropriate agency that can meet their specific and unique needs. CHOICE Advisory Services, Inc. can provide you with assistance in defining which in-home providers will be of most interest to you.
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We Can All Use a Hand Sometime

Helping families find suitable options for their aging family members is what I do. I’ve helped families work through the stress and difficult decisions many, many times. I considered myself a capable and knowledgeable person… until it came to working with my own mother.
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"When I finally made the decision to no longer live alone, I had no idea what to do next. 1st CHOICE came to my rescue! I was not only given several excellent options, but I was also given the information I needed to make a wise decision for myself. I'm particularly grateful that you helped me with the sale of my home, and even made sure my move went smoothly! And thank you as well, for taking me to look at my options. I am thankful that you let me make the choice on my own, but I'm equally grateful that you were there to listen to me." - Betty