Assisted Living Satisfaction Rates

Assisted Living Satisfaction Rates

A recent study by the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), reveals that assisted living residents are overwhelmingly happy with the assisted living community lifestyle.

The ALFA survey found that:

  • 86% feel that staff “care about me as a person”
  • 87% feel staff are qualified and well trained
  • 94% satisfied with their overall quality of life
  • 93% satisfied with the level of independence provided by the community
  • 90% satisfied with the quality of care
  • 93% satisfied with the amount of attention they receive

Older adults residing in assisted living communities overwhelmingly feel safe in, and satisfied with, the communities in which they live. The survey also found that 93% feel satisfied with their community, 68% of which say they are “very satisfied.” Residents nearly unanimously feel a sense of safety within in their communities, with 99% of respondents reporting they feel safe.

These remarkably positive results are in line with internal satisfaction surveys of assisted living community residents conducted by the government as well as by major provider-commissioned surveys.

Major assisted living providers often survey their residents, and their businesses rely heavily on accurate results, which in reality is the primary purpose of these surveys. If residents become unhappy living at a particular community, they will more likely than not decide to move elsewhere.

The private survey results seem to match closely to ALFA’s results in that overall satisfaction is nearly always above 85%.

More convincingly, government surveys of residents find satisfaction levels above 90%. To learn more about assisted living communities as an option for your loved one and how to make the move into an assisted living community, contact one of our Elder Care Advisors.

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