Choosing a Seattle Assisted Living Community

Here are some quick and simple tips to ensure your confidence is selecting an assisted living community for your loved one.

One of the easiest ways is to visit a community at different times of the day (eg. during activities and meals) and seek feedback from residents and their families. A visit during mealtimes can allow you to dine with a resident, strike up conversation, get their feelings and thoughts on the community.

Online reviews of communities can also highlight praises or concerns.

While you visit, be certain to observe:

The Staff:

  • Do they appear to have time to speak with residents or do chats with them feel rushed?
  • Do they appear genuinely friendly and interested in residents?
  • How are their interactions with the current residents?
  • Do they appear to be stressed or overwhelmed?
  • How well do they handle emergencies?

Some things to look for in the residents:

  • Do the current residents appear happy?
  • Do they appear to enjoy interacting with each another?
  • Do they appear to be people your loved one will enjoy getting to know?
  • Are there activities or groups that coincide with the interests of your loved one?

Things to pay attention to regarding the building itself:

  • Do the common areas seem clean and well-kept?
  • What is the frequency of housekeeping for resident’s rooms?
  • Does the building itself appear safe and secure?
  • Are bathrooms easily accessible and have grab bars installed?
  • How are residents to contact staff in case of an emergency?
  • Do rooms feature emergency pull cord systems?
  • Does the community offer emergency button necklaces or wristbands to residents?
  • How is the food service and quality?
    • Schedule a visit at lunchtime or dinner and ask to sample a meal.
    • Inquire about the variety of menu options available to ensure your loved one’s dietary needs and restrictions are able to be met.

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