Personal Health Care in Seattle Assisted Living Communities

All states don’t require assisted living communities to have a detailed care plan for each resident.  If your state does not require it, consider requesting a care plan compiled for your loved one.  This is assurance that the community has evaluated your loved one’s condition and has customized guidelines that promote consistency.

A care plan begins with a comprehensive assessment of the resident.  This includes determination of level of function as well as their social, emotional, mental and medical condition.  The care plan should provide for maximizing independence and helping your loved one to function at their best and highest level.  The community should revisit the plan every 90 days or whenever the resident’s condition changes in order to address any needed changes or adjustments.

Additionally, inquire of the community as to how it will specifically meet your loved one’s known care needs.  Ask about how they work with and provide assistance with incontinence, mental health, supervision or dementia.  Taking into consideration the fact that your loved one may need more care in the future can help to avoid the necessity of future moves to new communities.

Other questions to keep in mind:

  • How will the community determine if it is the right facility for my loved one’s needs, or if another type of community would be more appropriate?
  • How does the community evaluate my loved one’s needs? Who performs assessments? What are their qualifications? How often do reassessments occur?
  • How will the staff help your loved one maintain their ability to care for themselves? Are they able to provide assistance with toileting, dressing, and eating?
  • How will they accommodate residents whose needs change or fluctuate – what if they require more physical assistance, develop confusion or incontinence?
  • How does the community help determine if developing confusion is due to problems with medications or the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia?
  • How frequently does a staff member check on a resident’s whereabouts and well-being?
  • What steps will the facility take if a resident’s behavior changes and becomes verbally or physically abusive?

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