Questions to Ask at the Family Meeting to Determine when Elderly Parents Require Assistance

Questions to Ask at the Family Meeting to Determine when Elderly Parents Require Assistance

A family meeting is an excellent way to get the family together to discuss important issues that involve elderly parents including the adult children and both parents.  It’s recommended that one of the selected family members should meet with each of the family members individually and gather each member’s concerns and fears creating an outline that will be distributed to each of the members well in advance of the next meeting to get their feedback.

Include both parents’ input as to where they want to live, how to manage their future home, and health care needs, their financial needs and their estate plan.

Some of the questions to ask are:

  • What are our parents’ current needs now, in the immediate and long-term future?
  • What is the point when it can be said that the parents require outside help such as in- home care, or assisted living? Is a retirement community an option?
  • What is needed for post-acute care recovery, special needs or care?
  • Who will be the primary and secondary caregivers?
  • What will be the responsibilities of each family member?
  • How long and to what extent will each family member provide the needed assistance?
  • Is there or who should be designated as the Durable Power of Attorney?
  • Is the same designated person going to be responsible for the Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney?
  • Who will get the parents’ medical records organized and located in a central location?
  • What is the time-frame anticipated for higher care levels?
  • How will we stay in touch and how will decisions be made together or individually?
  • What steps can be taken to prevent or postpone an institutionalization?
  • How will we help ease the transition into a facility during the first couple of months?

A visit to a modern assisted living community, with the various social events and interactions of other seniors, could just be the persuasion that is required.

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