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Thinking About Making A Move To Assisted Living

Thinking about making a move to assisted living?

If you are thinking about making a move to assisted living, chances are the move is already past due. Our society tends to overlook care options until an emergency situation arises.

Here are some signs to look for as indicators of when a move is becoming advisable, or when care services might be desired prior to an emergency happening:

  1. Is the older adult starting to lose friends; are friends moving away, passing on, or no longer interacting with them?
  1. Are they talking about the fact that giving up driving would likely be a smart idea?
  1. Do they become overly anxious or stressed when home repairs and maintenance are required.
  1. Have they voiced concerns about feeling lonely?
  1. Are they beginning to lose mobility, eyesight or hearing?
  1. Have they lost or gained ten pounds over a period of six months?
  1. Have they brought up the subject of the possibility of moving?

In most cases, you will find that when seniors begin to talk about a possible move, they have given more thought to the prospect of moving than they are sharing with you.

Most older adults need help and encouragement in making a move to retirement or assisted living. They frequently feel that they will have to make the physical move on their own, and the numerous steps involved cause unnecessary fear and worry. These unfounded worries can lead to procrastination until the time to move is immediate.

Chances are if the topic has come up in your family, a move is due or is due shortly.

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