Evergreen AFH

Please note. It is important to discuss the service offerings and exact plan of care with the provider and your physician. In information appearing here may not be fully updated or accurate.

Contact Information

Provider's Name: Lelly Gruita
Actual Title: Provider
Address: 10603 NE 137th Pl
State: WA
Zip: 98034
Area: Juanita
Phone: (425) 820-5118
Phone 2: (425) 442-7798
Cell Phone: (425) 442-7798
Fax: (425) 402-0723

General Information

Owner live on site: No
Highest designation of Owner/Provider: NAC, C.N.A., NAR, Other
Medical professional: Other licensed
Licensed for # of residents: 6
Year home first licensed: 2001
Sexes cared for: Both males and females
Nurse delegation: Yes
Provide care to: Elderly Only
Mental illness designation: Yes
Dementia designation: Yes
Developmental disabilities designation: No
Children in the home: No
Smoking allowed outdoors: Ask provider for details
Pets in the home: No
Home may allow someone to bring a pet: Yes
Languages spoken (other than English): Romanian,
Particular cultural needs accommodated: Ask Provider for details
Activities offered: Exercises, games, outings to park, celebrations. A musician comes twice a month or more
Piano available for residents to play: Yes

Specific Diseases

Diabetes - requires help with filling or giving injections: Yes

Dietary Restrictions

Low sodium diet: Yes
Low sugar diet: Yes
Mechanical soft diet: Yes
Vegetarian diet: Yes
Special diets and food preferences accommodated: Yes, all

Behavior / Preferences

Behavior problems or symptoms which cannot be accommodated: Ask

Building Details

Air Conditioning: Yes
Floor Coverings / Community Spaces: Hardwoods throughout
Floor Coverings / Resident Rooms: Hardwoods throughout
Bathrooms: 3
Showers / Tubs: 2
Walk-in Showers: 1
Roll-in Showers: 1
Room with private bath: No
Private rooms: 6
Semi-private rooms: 0
Home type: Rambler
Is home wheelchair accessible?: Yes
Approximate square footage available for residents: 1800
Is this a view home: No
Are there stairs inside the home?: No

Pricing and Billing Information

How many months must resident pay privately before rolling over to Medicaid?: 7-12
Current price range inclusive of care fees (private room): Ask Provider for Details
Medicaid Accepted: Yes, willingly accept, Ask provider for details , Yes, if another party pays upgrade fee for additional service or something Medicaid doesn't cover, Yes, if current resident outlives savings


Directions: 8. Merge onto I-405 N toward Everett. Zoom to this StepAvoid this Step 5.1 mi 9. Take the NE 124th St exit, EXIT 20B, toward Totem Lake Blvd. Zoom to this StepAvoid this Step 0.2 mi 10. Keep right to take the Totem LK. Blvd. ramp. Zoom to this StepAvoid this Step 0.2 mi 11. Turn left onto Totem Lake Blvd NE. Pizza Hut-13877 is on the left If you are on 120th Ave NE and reach NE Totem Lake Way you've gone a little too far Zoom to this StepAvoid this Step 0.7 mi 12. Take the 2nd left onto NE 132nd St. NE 132nd St is just past NE 131st Pl If you are on 116th Ave NE and reach 115th Ave NE you've gone a little too far Zoom to this StepAvoid this Step 0.5 mi 13. Turn right onto 108th Ave NE. If you reach 107th Pl NE you've gone a little too far Zoom to this StepAvoid this Step 0.3 mi 14. Turn left onto NE 137th Pl. NE 137th Pl is 0.1 miles past NE 134th St If you reach NE 138th Pl you've gone a little too far Zoom to this StepAvoid this Step 0.06 mi 15. 10603 NE 137TH PL is on the left. If you reach 104th Pl NE you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

Areas Served

King County - Eastside - North

Listed Under

Housing & Care - Adult Care Homes (also known as Adult Family Homes)
Housing & Care - Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

This listing was last updated on 10/4/2012.

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